The NEW UrbanDigs Provides Transparency AND Reality

This is an incredibly exciting week for Manhattan real estate buyers, sellers and agents as Noah Rosenblatt of UrbanDigs.  Nooah is launching his brand new and incredibly sophisticated site this week that will allow all of us to track Manhattan real estate market data real time for a variety of parameters including but not limited to apartment size and location.  Alas we don’t have to rely on heresay and anecdotal information to get a pulse of the market.  Thanks Noah!!!

Jhoanna Robledo of New York Magazine discusses the new UrbanDigs in today’s piece Be a Quant – A new website lets you mine real-estate data in real time. We ran its first test drive.

Noah Rosenblatt—the broker behind the popular UrbanDigs blog—is looking to change that. At its relaunch, scheduled for this week, will be devoted to data analysis, allowing users, for $20 per month, to track market shifts by neighborhood and price in real time, create trend charts, and chat about what they’re seeing. You can (to give a simple example) keep a daily watch on the inventory of listings in your area, and compare the trend with previous years or other parts of the city. If you spot a sharp change, you can adjust your price or schedule an open house immediately. You can break down data in dozens of other ways, too. Instead of waiting for quarterly reports from the brokerages, you can generate up-to-the-minute ones.



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