High Tech Homes Offer iPad Controls for Every Purpose

High Tech HomeEver wondered how the future looks like? Well, you don’t have to wait long years just to see what the future holds. The Savant Experience Center covers around 8,000-square foot, a place where technology meets the environment. This is a home where everything, and we mean everything, is automated. Live life with a touch of a finger, it is almost like magic.

They say that it took 8 months before the Savant Experience Center was up and running. It recently opened in July of 2012, and was designed by Thom Filicia, known for the TV show called Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It comes with a master’s bedroom, of course, with a walk-in closet perfect for women who have a long line of clothing and footwear collection. It also has a living room comparable to a loft, and Theo Kalomirakis remarkable design of a home theatre. There is even a sports bar inside.

However, the real catch is not the architectural design of the place or the aesthetic appeal. The Savant Experience Center offers a system that allows the residents to control each room. As what has been mentioned already, everything in the house is automated. The system can be easily controlled with the use of the popular Apple products, such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, powered with remote controls. Who would have thought that this was possible?

One tap and you can do whatever you want. Take for example, the living room, how can the Savant System be used in here? One tap on the gadget, the lamp will light up, the fireplace will change its color, the window shades will open and close. Even the room temperature can be adjusted with the use of the Apple products. The controller allows you to summon the flat screen television too found inside the dresser of the big main bedroom.
All that is needed in order to control the house is an Internet connection. This is indeed technology at its finest, a dream come true for most of the people these days.

The Savant Experience Center was founded around 7 years ago, and the company believes that home automation is possible, and not just simply making everything automated, but with user-friendly controls too. This is actually the concept that provided Apple with $632 billion. The center is powered by 100% Apple products. Even the iCloud can be used in this house, and this can be accessed by anyone inside the magnificent hi-tech home.

Well, if you want this kind of home experience, you must be willing to spend too. Imagine all that were needed in order to put up a house such as this. This is surely a costly home, however, with the decreasing price of Apple products, home automation will soon be affordable for the many. Security, lighting, entertainment and everything else can now be controlled with just a single tap on a gadget. What more can people possible want for a home?

Live a luxurious life inside the Savant Experience Center; be sure to set up an appointment before going to the place, they only offer tours to people who call ahead of time.

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