Incredible Columbus Circle NYC Loft You Won’t Believe!

Living in New York is the ultimate American dream. But for NYC settlers, they dream of having the best apartment existing in the place. What’s a perfect loft then? Is it the one with the spectacular view of midtown Manhattan? Will a piece of iconic work of art in the living room do the trick? Well, for sure, a Prime Columbus Circle location will be neat.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most incredible NYC Loft you just won’t believe. Although you’ll have to climb up to a 70-foot ground floor, this will not be much of a problem once the loft is reached. Unfortunately, this is not an long-term lease, or not an actual lease. It’s not a real residence home since it is the latest creation of the Japanese artist, Tatzu Nishi. The artist turned the Columbus monument to a conceptual art.

This artwork is known as “Discovering Columbus”. It stands in a 27-ft by 30-ft living room, equipped with a couch, lamps, a coffee table, as well as a television. The furniture surround the statue, and the artwork is placed in the busiest intersections in Manhattan’s Central Park. It is surely a sight to see.

Starting this Thursday, 25 people at a time can enter and be within the living room premises, with the use of the stairs. Enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity to see the 1892 marble figure of Mr. Christopher Columbus, the great Italian explorer. For those who cannot climb the stairs, an elevator is available.

The living room with enough space, designed with contemporary furnishings all looks real and authentic. Once you’re standing in the room, you might forget that you’re not in an actual living room. The pink wallpaper is also designed by Nishi, painted with the drawings of famous icons such as Mickey Mouse, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and other popular pop culture illustrations.

However, not everyone is pleased with this magnificent artwork. John Mancini, the Executive Director of the Italic Institute of America commented, “It looks like a trailer park. The only thing missing are the pink flamingos”. He also noted that there were some safety concerns with regards to the installation of the artwork. Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. He doesn’t enjoy the idea of Nishi in reinterpreting an original artist’s work. He said that the statue will not be visible or will not be highlighted normally during the 8th of October, Columbus Day Parade.

However, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is quite pleased with Nishi’s work. He believes that this is a chance for the people to do more than just exploring, and they get the chance to view the statue up close too. He also added that the statue was made to be viewed.

Tatzu Nishi is a talented artist who is quite known for transforming historical monuments by surrounding them with his own piece of creativity. But the “Discovering Columbus” artwork is his very first public art project within the United States. One of his other works includes the “Villa Victoria”, a functional hotel around the monument of Queen Victoria, located at Liverpool.

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