Martin Luther King Stayed Here

For 46 years, Harry Belafonte and his family lived in a beatiful home on West 74th Street. (It sold this past October for close to $12,000,000. )

I actually visited the home when it was being marketed and must tell you that it was indeed “steeped in history.”

Among one of the most fascinating stories about the home is that Mr. Belafonte purchased the entire building 46 years ago and converted it to a co-operative because he didn’t want to deal with a racist landlord. The apartment showed like a museum (much warmer of course) with incredible displays of artwork and stories to go along with each room. One in particular that I found fascinating was that Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta were apparently frequent guests of the Belafontes. Some of Mr. King’s original speeches (written in pencil, complete with edits) were in fact framed and displayed in the very room in which they slept.

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