NYC MUST SEE’s: The Statue of Liberty


  • The Statue of Liberty dimensions: 151 ft. tall
  • Made of: granite
  • Completion year:1886
  • Persons allowed per day: 240
  • Access points: Battery Park, Jersey City

One cannot travel to New York City and not visit the famous Statue of Liberty. Regarded as one of the most popular points of interest in the city, the effigy is also one of the most renowned statues in the whole world. The Statue of Liberty is accommodated on the Liberty Island that can be accessed from the New York City Harbor.

The history of this statue begins in 1876. The monument was designed and created by Auguste Bertholdi, a French sculptor. The United States received this statue as a gift from the French people in order to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the States. The monument is 46-meters or 151-feet tall and it sits on a granite pedestal. The pedestal is grounded on an abutment shaped as a star. The statue was finally completed in 1886 and on October, 1886 it was dedicated to the American people. In 1924, it became a National Monument. Throughout the years it remained one of the most powerful symbols of democracy and freedom.

In order to visit the Statue of Liberty, people have to go to Battery Park and take one of the numerous ferry rides. The statue can also be accessed from Jersey City, the Liberty State Park. From the ferry, visitors will have the unique chance to see stunning panoramas of New York City on one side and the impressive Statue of Liberty on the other side. You should know that visiting the Statue of Liberty might take an entire day, because the queues for the ferry and the security are very long. People can take advantage of the New York Passes that will allow them to get various discounts when visiting the Statue of Liberty. A New York Pass can get you a discount of 20% for attractions like the Statue of Liberty, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Empire State Building etc.

The best way to explore the Statue of Liberty is by taking the stairs. The monument was recently renovated and now it’s more accessible for visitors. Still, people have to climb 393 stairs to get from the base up to the crown. However, the stairs are less steep and much safer than they used to be. Once they get to the crown, tourists will be impressed by the amazing views of New York’s skyline. People must know that access is limited to 240 persons per day, thus an advanced reservation is mandatory.

The Liberty Island offers many other attractions. After climbing the superb Statue of Liberty, visitors can tour the Statue of Liberty Museum featuring videos, historical objects and photographs related to the monument. There are also full–scale replicas of the Statue’s face and foot. Last but not least, you can explore the Liberty Island through a guided tour. Tours are offered in Spanish, English, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, French, Japanese, Italian and German. A picnic on the grass is a great way to end a wonderful day at the Statue of Liberty.

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