3 Riverside Dr Townhome Lists for $40 Million

Featuring 37 feet wide and estimated at $40 million, this Riverside Drive Townhome is without a doubt a superb residence worth looking into. It is positioned on the Upper West Side and has a unique Gothic appearance, being surrounded by cherubs and gargoyles. The grandiose mansion features a personal elevator and comprises 18 rooms, 4 large terraces, 8.5 bathrooms and 9 fireplaces, all made from different kinds of marble and decorated by a mahogany mantel. Likewise, there are two separated rooms for the staff.

The building dates back from the 19th century and it presents a multitude of French Renaissance Revival details that are unique. The most impressive one is the loggia, which has 4 stories and is supported by stunning Corinthian pillars that feature a special floral design. The place was decorated by the talented architect Charles Pierreont Gilbert and the builder of this terrific mansion was Harvey Murdock, the colleague of Mr. Gilbert, who was specialized in building high-class residences.

In addition, right across the street there’s the southern boundary of the popular Riverside Park. This means that the home provides beautiful views over the Hudson River and residents will be able to capture very nice sunsets. Its only flaw is that it does not have a private garage, which could be a problem for possible buyers. However, the marble lobby adorned in mosaic, the huge and elegant foyer, and the ballroom, may compensate for it.

The construction is a landmark for the city of New York, being the perfect place for those who are pursuing a modern, convenient yet perky place to reside. There is no other building in the community that resembles the Riverside townhome. The gentle curves, the attention to detail, and the elegance of the structure, are basic features that make it exclusive.

It was erected in 1896 and finished in 1898. At the time, it was built for Philip and Maria Kleeberg. Mr. Kleeberg was a known lace merchant and an oil broker who later on became the head of the National Calculator Company. He gave his wife full ownership over the Riverside Drive mansion month prior to its competition. Unfortunately, their not-so-happy marriage ended with the suicide of Maria a few years later, in 1903. When Mr. Kleeberg died as well, the couple’s son Gordon got the home but he was not very fond of the place. For this reason, it was frequently used by Dr. William Knipe, who considered the place his Twilight Sleep Sanitarium. A couple of years later, it served as a luxury apartment house for a short period and the owner William Guggenheim made a small fortune renting the place.

Now it belongs to Regina Kislinand’s husband, Mr. Anatoly Siyagine who invested a lot of money to restore the place. This process took them nearly eighteen years and even today it still is incomplete.  The residence became too big for them after their children left and they decided to rent it for $60,000 per month. The place immediately attracted attention, so they ultimately decided to sell it for $40 million.

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