Out With the Virtual Tour and In With Reality

For years, brokers, agents, and sellers have been torn over the impact the 360 degree virtual tour has on selling property. I admit that I was impressed when it first appeared on the internet but was always puzzled as to why we weren’t using real video images to entice buyers.  Most of those whom I have asked about there perspective of the "virtual tour" have indicated that they felt it wasn’t an accurate portrayal of a property.   Video just seemed to make more sense to me.  It turns out that although I was on track with the concept, I had no concept of the capabilities of the web.  Now that streaming video (forgive me if I have any terminology incorrect) has become a reality, so has the video tour. Thanks to companies like WellcomeMat, the days of spliced fish eye lens pictures are becoming a thing of the past and actual guided video tours are becoming a more accurate way for buyers to preview property. 

Although i have also steered clear of marketing my own properties on this blog, I’m so excited about this technology that I will make an exception in this case to provide an example of where the internet is taking us in terms of representing property. 

Check out my video debut here (updated link 4/5/2007)

Now cut me some slack (no need as I’m getting better) as this was my first attempt at this and I suspect as I fine tune the "tours" it will become an excellent tool in providing an accurate and honest portrayal of a property.  I’m looking forward to doing more of these for all of the property that I represent and suspect that many of my colleagues will begin to do the same.

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