The Pressures (not really) of Blogging

Oh well…this blog is approaching its one year anniversary and today is the first weekday that I "almost" didn’t blog.  Well, the guilt is killing me and despite the fact that I’m recovering from shoulder surgery thus typing with one hand and I’m heavily drugged, I couldn’t let the day pass without a little something.  So here goes:

I MISS HENRY!!!  As many of my readers know, I was introduced to the blogosphere last March by my very good friends, Henry and Jessica Abbott of Gekko Blogs.  Henry convinced me that blogging was not only a lot of fun but could be good for business.  It is indeed both!  That said, Henry’s blog TrueHoop was purchased 2 weeks ago by ESPN and he has been hired to run that blog and assist ESPN with other blog related matters.  Now he’s my friend so I am so excited for him and his family, but I miss him terribly.  See, when I began TrueGotham, I would write and Henry would do the rest including editing, posting, and all of the administrative and back end tasks that I am slowly learning now.  TrueGotham is now a one man show and I ask that everyone bear with me as I get up to speed. 

Time to take a nap.  I will be back Monday with something "real" estate.  Have a wonderful long weekend!

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