SoHo Luxury Condos and Real Estate

SoHo is a lovely neighborhood situated in New York City, Lower Manhattan. It’s known for its art galleries and artists’ lofts, as well as for fine shops and stores. The area includes numerous architectural, political, cultural and socio-economic developments. Most of the buildings and structures included in the SoHo district have become New York City Landmarks. This list comprises 500 buildings and 26 blocks.

Introducing the SoHo Luxury Condos and Real Estate

The SoHo Luxury Condos and Real Estate neighborhood is surrounded by TriBeCa, Hudson Square, South Village, Chinatown, Little Italy, NoLita, NoHo and Greenwich Village. The area also includes a historic district called SoHo-Cast Iron. It covers Centre and Lafayette Streets and West Broadway. The cast-iron structures in this area are derelict and industrial. They were colonized in the 70s and 60s by starving artists who were looking for cheap, yet large work / live lofts. Nowadays, those cas- iron structures still exist, but the neighborhood has become a playground of cafes, restaurants and boutiques. For example, lower Broadway was transformed into an open-air mall featuring national and international brands.

SoHo Luxury Condos and Real Estate Highlights

Currently, cheap artists’ lofts are no longer a thing. They have become a legend, since SoHo is among the most expensive neighborhoods in the city. Right now, the multi-million dollar condos and apartments have invaded the area. Coveted loft apartments in SoHo are conversions. Still, the neighborhood also features standout new homes. For example, the 40 Mercer was finished in 2007 and was sold out at no less than $2,300 per sq. ft. The building has an appropriate scale and is a combination of innovative architecture and historical references. Re – sales have reached $3,200 per sq. ft. Some of the new constructions were highly criticized. This happened to the 46-story condo building, Trump SoHo. The local residents and preservationists did not agree with its construction. They charged unsafe working conditions and zoning violations. Nevertheless, the tower was built and units cost $3,000 per sq. ft.

SoHo Activities and Places of Interest

Those who decide to move to SoHo will have plenty of things to take advantage from. For instance, they will most certainly be delighted by the numerous landmarks that populate the neighborhood. The Little Singer Structure is situated at 561 Broadway. It features a Beaux – Arts architecture and it dates from 1903. These days, it has various commercial and residential uses, featuring 15 work / live units for artists and 20 offices. The structure has an airy look and includes decorative ironwork. Another gem is the Trompe L’Oeil Mural built by Richard Berger in 1889. The structure features a neo Grec style with collonettes, cast iron rosettes and decorative blocks.

The Haughwout Building is another impressive attraction. It’s situated at 488 Broadway and was designed by John Gaynor. The façade includes 92 keystone arches, intricate friezes and an entablature. In addition, the building features the first hydraulically-powered passenger elevator. Back in the days, the Haughwout building and its chandeliers, mirrors and porcelains were real wonders.

SoHo is a marvelous neighborhood and even though home prices are quite high, they are well worth the investment.   For more information on SoHo Luxury Condos and Real Estate

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