TrueGotham TV Explores Square Feet: Episode Two

In last week’s pilot episode of TrueGotham TV we met our expert panel,  Jonathan Miller from RadarLogic and Miller Samuel Appraisers, Yungie Hahn from H2 Architects, and Don Meade from Quality Floor Plans, and saw exactly how they go about measuring property.  Surprisingly, each of our experts used similar methods of measurement and measured only the interior perimeter of the property.  Why is that surprising?  Because if they all measure the same interior space, why can’t the consumer ever get an accurate quote for square footage?  Check out this week’s episode to see what each of our experts calculated to be the square footage of this property and learn more about their methodology.

Tune in next Thursday for more of our panel discussion including why our experts think this is such a frustrating topic for consumers.

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