Trump Tower Condo Lists for $14.3M


Carlos Peralta have made it to the Forbes’ 2003 billionaires list, who happened to mention his interest in hydroponic tomato-growing process and baseball. And this guy also has a good eye for a plush real estate.

Home Features

According to city records, a high-floor apartment at Trump Tower is on the list for $13.5 million. The said property belongs to the Mexican TeleCommunication mogul. The listing’s photos show a place with a lot of yellows, glass, and pillows where you can see 10 sitting on one couch. The walls are also padded, which provides a cozy feel to those who check out the place. All in all, the said house gives off a nice, comfortable, and warm feeling.

One of the important highlights for this particular home is of course the Jacuzzi that is placed in the Master’s bedroom. Unfortunately, there is no picture available for the said feature of the home. A lot of people interested for the home’s design are South Americans, Mexicans, Russians, and Eastern Europeans. These people love gold finishes, huge Jacuzzi in the bedroom, quilted walls, carpets and other similar items.

The said place was decorated during the late 90s, by Francois Zuretti, a yacht designer. Mr. Peralta is known for owning one of the largest yachts on the globe. He told one magazine that it took him two years ind dreaming and another three years in building. The name of his yacth is Pricess Mariana, a Swarovzki-crystal-coated yatch. It comes with six decks, six bars, 1,600 movies, 16,000 pre-programmed songs, three amazing chefs, a cellar which houses around 2,000 bottles of wines and 1,000 bottles of tequila, a laundry room, a wall that opens to turn a bedroom into a terrace and more.

Well, enough of the yacth. His Trump Tower listing provides views to the Catskill Mountains. It is not exactly snow-capped peaks. It’s the hills that start up early in the region. The listing of the apartment came on this August, however, the house’s broker has been showing the place to people since June. Nonetheless, the $13.5 million price is quite high. Comparing it to other units at Trump Tower, there is actually a two-unit apartment on the same floor, with 2,065 square feet, asking only around $7.5 million. If calculated per square foot, that is $2,446 per sq. ft.

Why is Mr. Peralta Selling His Trump Tower Home?

Mr. Peralta is basically not there for more than five or six days a year. There were times in the past when he was there more often, but now, he’s not. But do interested buyers really need a reason why the man wants to sell a beautiful and expensive Trump Tower unit? Not really.

On recent news, the Trump Tower residential unit is already listed at $14.3 million.

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