Videoblogging and Podcasting Gaining Steam

All of my readers know that I’m a huge fan of videoblogging and hope to have some new and interesting episodes of TGTV coming really soon.  I recently participated in a panel discussion and Q & A at Inman’s Real Estate Connect NYC 2008 (register now for San Francisco in July) on this exact topic. 

The complete video is below but despite the underlying theme of my co-panelists who seemed to convey the difficulty of producing a good video, I, perhaps naively so, remain a very strong proponent of the video tour and video blog as I have had great success with very little working knowledge of the technology that takes place in the background.  I continue to believe that a well done video tour brings a much needed transparency to the real estate industry and can be achieved with a good camera person/editor and some on screen practice.  And more importantly, sellers LOVE video as a marketing tool for their homes!

Here’s the panel discussion with more tips from me and my colleagues:

If you want more information on each of the panelists, check out their blogs/websites here:

  • Rachel Natalie Klein-IntoTheBox.TV (excellent video blogging on a daily basis!)
  • Daniel Rothamel-The ("Zebra" comes from referee as in Basketball referree which is Daniel’s other life)
  • Mike (THE site for the real estate pro interested in videoblogging or podcasting)
  • Jeff (Check out Jeff’s site for an alternative to the full blown on camera video tour)
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