All Is Well In Manhattan Real Estate and Girls Youth Soccer

nj-cup-champs-2016I have been struggling all day to come up with something meaningful about which to write. Maybe the writer’s block comes from the anxiety that stills exists ahead of tomorrow’s historic election? Or maybe it is because all I want to do is gloat about my 12-year-old daughter and her soccer team winning the New Jersey State Cup Championship this weekend? Whatever the reason, I have once again come full circle to the concept that everything is a matter of perspective. The residential real estate market has indeed shifted its course with the ultra-high-end market quieter than a single geriatric cricket. That said, the overall market in general continues to churn but at a pace that feels eerily slower than the recent 18 months. Again, I think of the analogy of driving 80 mph on the highway and being forced to slow to 55 mph after spotting a trooper off in the bushes. It feels like you are crawling after moving along so quickly. The same holds true of our current real estate market. Despite a healthy market where neither buyers nor sellers are holding all of the cards, it just feels odd. I suspect that tomorrow will bring some answers that will hopefully make everyone a bit more comfortable with the direction of our real estate markets and our country.

On another more personal note, I was driving home with my wife yesterday after my daughter and her elite soccer team won the New Jersey State Cup Championship.  Everything was indeed well in the world and it continues to be. I even said so commenting to my wife that for the first time in months, I wasn’t thinking about the election insanity, the shifting real estate market nor any of the variety of trivial inconveniences that may occur on any given day. I was proud. I am proud. The girls on both teams displayed desire, commitment and cohesive focus that reminded me of the innate goodness in the human spirit! It took 12-year-old girls to remind me that at home, in the office and wherever I may go, it is key that we continue to focus on the good and be a more positive force in our incredible world.

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