Best Places To See Fall Colors in New York Area

New Hampshire TreesThey say summer is the favorite season of the teens and the younger ones, with all those sunshine and the unlimited supply of ice cream. But do you know that fall or autumn can be ten times greater than the summer season? People of all ages thirst the breathtaking scenery during the fall. The view of bright, fall colors is priceless and here are some places where these magnificent autumn sights can be seen.

New Hampshire’s Lakes Region

It is best to visit the lakes region in this area during the late September up until the late October. The best of autumn can be seen with the falling leaves from the branches of trees. The New Hampshire region is said to be more beautiful than the all other known lakes such as the Lake Ossipee, Squam Lake, Mirror Lake and the rest. The best view of the scenery is in the middle of the lake. Visitors are encouraged to bring a kayak right to the center of the lake.

Belleplain State Forest

A simple rule when it comes to autumn and the falling leaves is that these leaves change later the more people go south and closer to the coast. This is because the weather in the south is warmer and lower in elevation. If the weather stays better and cooperates, the leaf season in Southeast New Jersey can be seen up until the early days of November.

John Boyd Thatcher State Park

Late September to mid October is the best time to visit the New York’s Adirondack Mountains, and the finest view of the mountains is at John Boyd Thatcher State Park. Within the mountains of this place, marshes, river valleys and hardwood forest can be seen. The geographic diversity is indeed splendid here. There are also a number of sugar maple trees around, which are considered to be most beautiful during the fall. Aspen, Birch, Oak and Silver maple, which all turn yellow are popular species too. When all the said trees are combined, the variety of colors is surely a beautiful sight to see.

Grafton Notch State Park

Autumn season is quite short for the view in Western Maine, the weather is often cold and the location is quite remote. But where is all the excitement when getting a good view would be easy? Get a good look through Grafton North State Park, it is one of the biggest in Maine. People can go hiking and make their way to Screw Auger Falls, as they go hike, the leaves will follow.

Vermont’s Green Mountains

There are very few places on Earth where all colors are more beautiful as people usually see, and a place that offers such beauty Vermont’s Green Mountains. The reds are always deeper, golds brighter, and oranges more attractive. Here, people can see the brightest and prettiest of all fall colors, combined with chilly yet comfortable night temperatures. It is surely one of the best places to be during the autumn season, the breathtaking view is worth the time spent.

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