The Evolution of the Real Estate TEAM

One of the most enjoyabmcdonough_hershkowitz_team_2016_weble and stimulating parts of my job as CORE’s Sales Director is the business development meeting. Several times per year our marketing, PR and management teams sit down with our agents individually to discuss current business and the ways in which we can creatively expand their productivity. We also are always cognizant of maintaining a focus on work-life balance. I’m continuously amazed by the level of professionalism exhibited by our agents and one such meeting was the impetus for this blog post.

With nearly 25 years in the Manhattan real estate industry, I have seen a plethora of ways in which agents structure their businesses. The TEAM is nothing new to the industry. Once upon a time and still all too frequently, a team is a gentle way of letting the consumer know that the person that they hired will often be hands-off throughout the transaction.  In some instances however, the TEAM structure has evolved to provide a level of service to the consumer for which I had once only hoped to see. Enter Heather McDonough and Henry Hershkowitz, fondly and professionally referred to as the H & H Team at CORE. They have built one of the most premier real estate teams that I have seen anywhere and at anytime in the past 25 years in Manhattan and beyond. Here’s how they master the art of team management:

  • Henry and Heather are total and complete business partners handling their own accounts/clients and supporting each other when needed. They also share marketing and team administrative duties.
  • Account managers are assigned to specific listings and handle all things administrative with a strong focus on client services.
  • A separate marketing and business development manager who develops, executes and manages marketing timelines and initiatives.
  • Multiple sales agents who act as sub-agents to Heather and Henry and while serving their own pool of buyers and sellers, they too receive the support of the team and simultaneously carry out assigned team duties.
  • A designated sales agent who is also a new development specialist at Zaha Hadid at 520 West 28th.

This is just a snapshot of their team structure. I can also tell you that when they arrive to their business development meetings, they have a very well thought out business plan to review and marketing strategies to bring to the table. It is professionalism like this that makes Heather and Henry an unparalleled asset to their customers and an absolute joy with which to work.


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